WORFUxWALALA Public Art Community Engagement Project

Art-Partners is the project manager for "WORFUxWALALA" public art community engagement project in partnership with internationally renowned artist and designer, Camille Walala. Art-Partners is responsible for looking for the project partners, liaising with the artist and managing installation, to ensure the project was executed efficiently to a high standard.

A first for WORFU, an international artist has been commissioned to design a graphic wall painting within their newly opened shopping arcade and six local artists were invited to hand-paint the hoarding together with Camille. Walala, winner of MURAL Festival's Best Abstract Mural of Year 2018 award, creates a fourteen-piece mural, totalling up to 54.1m wide x 4m long in size, which conveys the hustle and bustle of North Point.

Image Courtesy of WORFU

 Date: 14 January - mid May 2019

 Artist: Camille Walala

 Client: Chelsfield and Pamfleet

 Location: WORFU, 21-53 Wharf Road, North Point

 Chelsfield Official Website, Pamfleet Official Website

  Worfuhk, Camille Walala

 @worfuhk @camillewalala #WORFU #WORFUxWalala #WalalaInHK #和富 #ArtinNorthPoint


WORFUxWALALA Public Art Community Engagement Project
Art-partners 28 January, 2019
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