Swire "Julius Popp: Bit.Fall" 2017

Art-Partners was the curator and project manager for Pacific Place’s Bit.Fall. Art-Partners managed the artist and artwork selection, installation and operation for the project, helping Swire Properties bring world-class museum quality artwork to the general public in Hong Kong.

Pacific Place’s Bit.Fall was a multimedia installation by pioneering German media installation artist Julius Popp. The art installation collated popular and googled buzzwords in newsfeeds and displayed them as a curtain of water, exploring the rapid flow of digital information in the modern age. Through BIT.FALL, Julius Popp explored how transient information interacted with humanity through the art installation.

Photo credit: Pacific Place Hong Kong

 Date: 14 March - 6 April 2017

 Artist: Julius Popp

 Client: Swire Properties

 Location: Garden Court, Pacific Place

 Swire Properties Arts Month Official Website

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Swire "Julius Popp: Bit.Fall" 2017
Art-partners 11 February, 2018
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