IFC "teamLab: Sketch Town"

Art-Partners managed the artwork selection, installation and execution of this project, bringing this world-renowned digital interactive artwork to audience in Hong Kong.

ifc mall joined hands with Japanese art collective teamLab to present Sketch Town, a ground-breaking interactive digital installation that allowed for the exploration of endless creative possibilities. As Sketch Town grew and evolved, so too did each creation within it, with cars, buildings, cranes, or even spaceships brought to life as part of a colourful, virtual 3D townscape. As each component of the town had a role to play, so too did its creators, who could interact with the townscape by touching individual components to alter their behaviour. The interactive nature of this installation engaged with and required the imagination of participants, forming a space where creativity thrived.

 Date: 11 July - 28 August 2017

 Artist: teamLab

 Client: Hong Kong ifc mall

 Location:  Oval Atrium, Podium Level 1, ifc mall, Hong Kong

 Sketch Town in ifc Mall official website

  HK ifc mall

 @hkifcmall #hkifcmall #ifcSummer


IFC "teamLab: Sketch Town"
Art-partners 1 July, 2018
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