H Queen's "Voyages"

As the art consultant of Henderson Land Development, Art-Partners proposed Voyages as part of an ongoing programme to position HQ as the central art and lifestyle hub which revolutionises the way high-end art galleries operate in Hong Kong.

During the Art Basel week in Hong Kong, H Queen’s (HQ) launched the project “Voyages”, a large-scale digital art installation which consisted of video artworks presented by world-class galleries and artists, including teamLab (Pace Gallery), İnci Eviner (Pearl Lam Galleries), Zhao Zhao (Tang Contemporary Art) and Sputniko! (Whitestone Gallery). This was the first large-scale digital art installation shown on a main street in the busiest central business district in Hong Kong.

Located at 80 Queen’s Road Central, "Voyages" was 6.5 metres tall and 8 metres wide, made up of approximately 200 LED screens, bringing a unique visual experience. The installation transformed the space, inviting the public to journey through new ideas, drawing the viewer beyond themselves and on an ethereal voyage.

 Date: 16 March-26 March 2017

 Artist: teamLab, İnci Eviner, Zhao Zhao and Sputniko!

 Client: Henderson Land Development

 Location: 80 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong

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H Queen's "Voyages"
Art-partners 11 May, 2017
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