H Queen's "Time & Scale"

As art consultant of Henderson Land Development, Art-Partners initiated a project that would help put H Queen’s on the cultural map. Art-partners provided a platform for some of Hong Kong’s emerging artists to show their work alongside more established artists, by transforming the hoarding into a must-see venue for public art.

H Queen’s is a building designed by renowned architect and artist William Lim of CL3 Architects. Occupying a prime location on 80 Queen’s Road Central, H Queen’s is an architectural icon and a showcase for the city’s top artistic and lifestyle ventures. The “Time and Scale”  project provided a glimpse into the vision that H Queen works to realise. Ten local Hong Kong artists were commissioned for the Time and Scale project and each of them addressed the question "What does it take to change a culture?" The hoardings around HQ was a two thousand and five hundred square foot canvas for these artists to bring their creativity to the streets. Public art infused the spaces with the spirit of creativity and offered passers-by the opportunity to engage with forward thinking art.

 Date: March - December 2016

 Artists: Frog King (Kwok Mang Ho), Lam Tung Pang, Ho Sin Tung, Bosco Law Ka Nam South Ho Siu Nam, Stanley Siu Kwok Kin, Peggy Chan Pui Leng, Tony Ng Kwun Lun, Damon Tong Wai Kit

 Client: Henderson Land Development

 Location: 80 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong

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 H Queen’s


H Queen's "Time & Scale"
Art-partners 2 May, 2017
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