H Queen's ‘Collected Light: From Legacy to Future’

As the art consultant and project manager for the Henderson Land Development, Art-Partners proudly co-curated the exhibition Collected Light: From Legacy to Future, supported by the Henderson Arts (HART) and Women in Lighting. The exhibition showcased a collective of eight international and local female artists who have each forged visionary paths in using light as an artistic medium. The exhibition was launched on International Women's Day Friday 8th March in conjunction with Art Basel Hong Kong 2024. It celebrates women creatives such as Zaha Hadid, Chila Burman (MBE), Liz West and Carla Chan for their achievements in Art and Design.

Featuring innovative visual art, sculptures, moving image works, and digital installations by internationally celebrated artists; Chila Kumari Singh Burman (British Indian), Carla Chan (Chinese), Jacqueline Hen (German), Sarah Lai (HK), Betty Ng / COLLECTIVE (HK), So Wing Po (HK) Raha Raissnia (b. Tehran) and Liz West (British). The exhibition takes as its starting point ZHA’s inspirational design for The Henderson and the legacy of Hadid’s visionary interdisciplinary practice, her challenge to conventional perceptions, and her multi-sensory exploration of light and spatial connectivity. Collectively the works inspire inclusion and push boundaries for women creatives across disciplines, transforming an empowering legacy into a vision for the future.

 作为恒基兆业地产的艺术顾问和项目经理,Art-Partners 荣幸地与恒基兆业艺术中心 (HART) 和 Women in Lighting 共同策划了展览 Collected Light: From Legacy to Future。 该展览展示了八位国际和本地女性艺术家的集体作品,她们各自在利用光作为艺术媒介方面开辟了富有远见的道路。 该展览于 3 月 8 日星期五国际妇女节与 2024 年香港巴塞尔艺术展同期推出。旨在庆祝扎哈·哈迪德 (Zaha Hadid)、奇拉·伯曼 (MBE)、利兹·韦斯特 (Liz West) 和卡拉·陈 (Carla Chan) 等女性创意人士在艺术和设计方面的成就。

展出一众国际知名及新锐灯光艺术家的崭新视觉艺术、雕塑、动态影像作品及数码装置,包括:Chila Kumari Singh Burman(英籍印裔)、卡娜(中国)、Jacqueline Hen(德国)、黎卓华 (香港)、吴家莹/COLLECTIVE(香港)、苏咏宝(香港)、Raha Raissnia(生于德黑兰)和Liz West(英国)。 展览始于哈迪德为The Henderson所作的启发性设计,以及哈迪德富前瞻性的跨学科实践、对传统观念的挑战、对光线和空间连结性的多感官探索所留下的遗产。 这些作品激发了跨学科女性创作者的包容性,并推动了她们的创作,将充满力量的遗产转化为对未来的憧憬。

 Date: 09 March–06.April 2024

Chila Kumari Singh Burman
Carla Chan 卡娜
Jacqueline Hen
Sarah Lai 黎卓華
Betty Ng 吳家瑩 / COLLECTIVE
So Wing Po 蘇詠寶
Raha Raissnia
Liz West
Zaha Hadid Architects 扎哈.哈迪德設計

 Client: Henderson Land Development

 Location: 80 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong

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H Queen's ‘Collected Light: From Legacy to Future’
Art-partners 11 April, 2024
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