David Greybeard Global Tour

DAVID GREYBEARD is a unique collaboration between Australian visual artist Lisa Roet and wildlife conservation organisation the Jane Goodall Institute Global. This large-scale sculpture, made from a finely spun metallic material fabricated by Airena, was installed outside the Hamer Hall in Melbourne Australia in December 2021. The collaboration between the artist and ethologist is a celebration of the exceptional work of Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute globally. With the advent of global environmental issues and social change, the David Greybeard project stands to represent all species welcoming the viewer in a gesture of inclusion and reconciliation.

Art-Partners is delighted to be the project managers for the David Greybeard Global Tour, which will see the work installed in key locations around the world at global conferences and major cities to ensure that the message around habitat and species protection reaches a worldwide audience.

Image courtesy of John Gollings

 Date: December  2020 - ongoing

 Artist: Lisa Roet

 Partner: Jane Goodall Institute Global

 Location: Hamer Hall at Arts Centre Melbourne, Australia

 David Greybeard Official Website

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 @davidgreybeardtour @lisaroet

David Greybeard Global Tour
Art-partners 1 February, 2021
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