Swire Properties Dialogue Series at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023

Art-Partners organised the “Swire Properties Dialogue Series” at Art Basel 2023. Designed by international architecture practice 10 Design, the Swire Properties VIP Lounge titled Chromatic Reflections featured colourful and luminous installations showcasing Swire Properties’ vaunted 50th Anniversary digital art collection. The specially curated series of lounge talks and panel discussions featured 4 sessions: “Talk 1 : Is the Future of Art Phygital?”, Talk 2 : Alexie Glass-Kantor In Conversation with Awol Erizku”, “Talk 3 : The Interplay between Art and Architecture”, and “Talk 4 : Hong Kong's Post-pandemic Resurgence as Asia's Art Hub”. 

Art-Partners invited distinguished speakers, including four out of the ten artists who created unique works for the Swire Properties 50th Anniversary Art NFT Collection: Chris Cheung, William Furniss, Natalie Wong, and Ziyang Wu. As well as rewound speakers and moderators: Sunny Cheung (M+ Curator of Design and Architecture), Edwin Heathcote (Design and Architecture Critic, Financial Times), Polo Bourieau (Artist), Michael Grimshaw (Principal, 10 Design), and Lindy Lee (Artist).

 Date: March, 2023

 Moderators and Speakers: 

Talk 1:​ Sunny Cheung (M+ Curator of Design and Architecture), Chris Cheung (Artist), William Furniss (Photographic artist), Natalie Wong (Artist), Ziyang Wu (Digital artist).

Talk 2: Awol Erizku (Artist), Alexie Glass-Kantor (Curator of Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong)

Talk 3: Edwin Heathcote (Design and Architecture Critic, Financial Times), Polo Bourieau (Artist), Michael Grimshaw (Principal, 10 Design), Lindy Lee (Artist)

Talk 4: Tracy Zhang (Publisher, FT Chinese), Luyang Jiang (President & Chief Strategy Officer, The Baer Faxt), Jerry Mao (Entrepreneur and Art Collector), Wendy Xu (General Manager, Asia, White Cube Hong Kong)

 Client: Swire Properties


The Artists' Party

Art-Partners organized “The Artists’ Party” at The Continenal during the Art-Basel week in celebration of the Swire Properties Arts Month 2023. We specially invited South Korean visual artist Vakki and Ethiopian-American contemporary artist Awol Erizku as DJs of the party. “The Artists’ Party” featured guests of Swire Properties, Financial Times, Ben Brown Fine Arts, 10 Design, and our artist partners. In addition, many celebrated artists and celebrities joined the party, including Pharrell Williams, Takashi Murakami, and Choo Sung-hoon (Yoshihiro Akiyama).

Swire Properties Dialogue Series at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023
Art-partners 4 April, 2023
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