Swire Properties Dialogue Series at Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

Art-Partners organised the Swire Properties Dialogue Series, a specially curated series of talks and panel discussions by leading art-world figures. The series stimulated a meaningful dialogue across art, design and architecture, to encourage the exchange of ideas that lead to more enriched and sustainable communities.

Art-Partners invited distinguished guests, including: Christopher Le Brun (President, Royal Academy of Arts), Tim Marlow (Artistic Director, Royal Academy of Arts), Mia Yu (Independent Curator), Laura Ning (CEO, Mao Ji-Hong Arts Foundation), Paul Owens (Co-founder, BOP Consulting), Annette Diefenthaler (Artist, FoldHaus), Joerg Students (Artist, FoldHaus), Talenia Phua Gajardo (CEO, The Artling), Simon Groom (Director, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art), Zhou Li (Artist) and Paul Cocksedge (Designer and Co-founder, Paul Cocksedge Studio), Willi Dorner (Artist) and Ying Kwok (Independent Curator).

Talk 1: Christopher Le Brun PRA: The Role of the Artist in the 21st Century

Talk 2: Urban Realities and the Future of Arts and Culture

Talk 3: FoldHaus: From Burning Man to Hong Kong

Talk 4: Taste vs Trend?

Talk 5: Permanent or Temporary. Now or Forever. What is the Role of Time in Art?

Image courtesy of Swire Properties.

 Date: 28 March - 29 March 2019

 Client: Swire Properties

 Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 1 Concourse

 Swire Properties Art Month

  Arts at Swire Properties

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Swire Properties Dialogue Series 
at Art Basel Hong Kong 2019
Art-partners 4 April, 2019
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