Swire - Michael Craig Martin

Art-Partners are the art consultants for Swire Properties Arts Month. We managed the exhibition of Sir Michael Craig-Martin’s sculptures at Swire Properties’ Pacific Place and Taikoo Park before its permanent installation at Taikoo Li Qiantan in Shanghai.

Standing at up to three metres tall, these vibrantly coloured sculptures by Michael Craig-Martin – the “Godfather of the Young British Artists” – are larger-than-life renditions of ordinary, everyday objects constructed in powder-coated steel. Unlike conventional, three-dimensional sculptures, High Heel (pink)Headphones (blue) and Bright Idea (Yellow) are in fact line drawings in space. When seen all together, they create a dramatic presence in vivid colours, set against the backdrop of Pacific Place and Taikoo Park.

 Date: 19 May - 31 August 2021

 Artist: Michael Craig-Martin

 Client: Swire Properties

 Location: Pacific Place and Taikoo Park, Hong Kong





Swire - Michael Craig Martin
Art-partners 31 May, 2021
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