TMAC x Carnaby Fair - SUBXTURE at K11 Art Mall

The MetaArt Club worked in collaboration with Carnaby Fair and Mercury to curate a series of exclusive NFT artworks that pay homage to Hong Kong’s historical roots and flourishing subcultures. Inspired by the historical Ser Wong Fun restaurant and their new joint venture, Freakjesus incorporated well-known icons of Hong Kong to accentuate the character of the city. William Furniss also created NFTs with neon signage as a recurring motif, using a combination of analogue and digital cameras. 

We also initiated the POAP as a gift from SUBXTURE to visitors, in celebration of the exhibition and the 82nd anniversary of the opening of Ser Wong Fun (literally “Snake King” Fun) in Hong Kong, created by concept artist Freakjesus.

 Date: 10 August - 18 September 2022

 Artist: Freakjesus, William Furniss

 Client: Carnaby Fair

 Location: K11 Art Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui, 
Hong Kong


TMAC x Carnaby Fair - SUBXTURE at K11 Art Mall
Art-partners 2 September, 2022
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