Impact NFT Exhibition

The Impact NFT Exhibition held at Soho House Hong Kong, a private members’ club in Sheung Wan, from October 15-24, was organised by the Sovereign Art Foundation and Project Ark, a blockchain platform built by Panda Labs, the innovation arm of WWF (also known as the World Wildlife Fund), and Hong Kong technology company Carbonbase, which helps companies and individuals lower their carbon footprints. Hong Kong's first NFT exhibition to showcase a large range of NFTs to support global impact projects and charities based on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Featured Artist, VintageMozart, is a digital Afrofuturist/Afro surrealist collage artist from Harare Zimbabwe. His art tells the story of African tales and Mythological stories blended with other cultures that inspire him around the world. He uses topographic lines as a way to tell his story In every piece of work and try and give an adventure for everyone who purchases his work.

 Date: 15 - 24 October 2021

 Location: Hong Kong


Impact NFT Exhibition
Art-partners 24 March, 2022
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