Harry Pack 88 Hong Kong Limited Edition Art NFT

Harry Pack (b. 1984, London) is a British multi-media artist who renders surreal depictions of alternate dimensions that seek to engage and activate the unconscious mind of the viewer. His practice, which spans painting, drawing and digital mediums, reflects themes of human perception and psyche, influenced by psychedelic culture.

His kaleidoscopic paintings depict a visual realm at once fantastical, foreign and strangely familiar. Three dimensional, dream-like landscapes composed of fractal shapes and ordered geometric patterns are populated by extra-terrestrial forms: strange humanoids, anthropomorphic machines, animals and plant-life moving purposefully throughout spaces that operate as portals into the personal and psychological.

In early 2021, Pack stepped into the world of digital art and introduced his works to the NFT market, where he gained immediate acclaim. By producing his paintings as NFTs, he recontextualises their physicality, transporting them to a realm that is ungoverned and highly democratised. Pack’s work has been exhibited in VR space NFTOasis (2021) and he has twice been selected as a featured artist on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace.

 Date: 5 October 2021

 Location: Hong Kong

 Artist: Harry Pack

 No. of Art NFT: 88


Harry Pack 88 Hong Kong Limited Edition Art NFT
Art-partners 24 March, 2022
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