What We Do

Cultural Partnerships

We work with artists, architects and corporations and have a worldwide network of cultural partnerships. Recent collaborations in Hong Kong include the Royal Academy of Art with the Peninsula Hotel, the British Council with the K11 Foundation and Central Saint Martin’s London with the Asia Society Hong Kong.

Creative Projects

We can help to define and enhance the identity of a brand or place through the creation of comprehensive art strategies. From site-specific installations to citywide proposals, we are able to research, commission and produce all types of bespoke art projects and unique events.

Working with Artists

We work with leading and upcoming artists who are passionate about what they do. We find opportunities for them outside the gallery domain and partner them with places, brands and corporations.

Project Management and Delivery

Collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, we have an exceptional track record of delivering projects from inception to completion. Our professional efficiency ensures that all projects come in on time and within budget to extremely high standards.

PR Value

Art has the depth and power to bring a strong narrative and a distinctive long-term identity to a business or place. We work closely with our clients’ marketing teams to develop and deliver this identity through a culture-led approach, adding unmistakable brand value while simultaneously educating and inspiring.