Mar 2018

Harbour Arts Sculpture Park 2018

by admin

2018 Artomity “Sculpture Parks and Street Art”

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2018-03-28 Financial Times “Harbour Arts Sculpture Park — the shape of things to come?”

2018-03-27 South China Morning Post “Hong Kong Arts Month 2018: 7 more exhibits around Hong Kong to inspire you”

2018-03-27 The Art Newspaper “Love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore it: Hong Kong’s first sculpture park”

2018-03-09 U Magazine ” 3 月呼吸艺术空气”

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2018-03-01 Milk Magazine “ART MAP 期间限定之艺术标记”

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2018-02-28 South China Morning Post “Digging the art”

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2018-02-23 AFP “Hong Kong harbour gets star attraction with sculpture park”

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2018-02-23 Sing Tao Daily “维海无墙博物馆 艺游海滨”

2018-02-23 TVB “中西区海滨长廊雕塑展览展逾廿件本地及海外艺术家作品”

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